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Celty Sturluson by tsunderenekonyan Celty Sturluson by tsunderenekonyan
CELTY STURLUSON Mecha / Model Kit Version

Turntable ---> [link]

I took myself a challenge to make this character. It's my dream to have the character to be applied and made as a real object like action figure or even a model kit.

I decided to make an articulated model kit which is very challenging because it need structure and joints which sometime you have to choose between detail or articulation.

In this case I aim for HG class with the inspiration of Bandai HG 00 Gundamís detail and great articulation but some things just doesnít fit my expectation because I donít want sacrifice the esthetic part therefore I choose fair articulation and better details.

The character
My idea is to make a female mecha that is sexy slim with slender legs on high heels a model like body - KOS-MOS ver 1.0 of Xenosaga is always my greatest inspiration.

The concept is a combination of female, mecha, and of course it must has one element that I like which mostly from Anime. In this case I took my most favorite female voice actress Ė Miyuki Sawashiro the voice actress of Celty Strurluson the Dullahan from the anime series Durarara!!!

I decide to make Celty Sturluson mecha version.

I really enjoy making the character until I realize she has a weapon which is a death schyte. Schyte is never my favorite weapon so I donít understand about it at all but fortunately the result is great and I really like how the gigantic beam death schyte looks.

About the horse or the motorcycle I am too lazy to make it. Some other time maybe Iíll make her vehicle Ė Ridebackís Fuego-ish seem to be interesting.

Last words
It took me within 2 months to finish the character include researches and references especially for the double joint on the arm which is took around 3 weeks. I use many references for this such as model kit manual assembling from Bandai and Kotobukiya and the one that interest me is the new Kotobukiyaís Jehuty but at the time I made I canít find detailed view for the arm joint Ė so I leave it as it is just like the one I made.

I work on the character between my anime watching and uphill singlespeed mountain biking on my NEET life, so I really take it easy this time, no overtime18 hours straight in front of my monitor LOL Ė I donít want to rush to make something that I really like for my personal project and satisfaction.

Overall I am very satisfied with the result and I plan to use the model for aiming gaming industry but my weakness is that my UV mapping skill is UBER SUCKS -thatís why itís hard for me to get accepted on local gaming company as modeler.Texturing is kinda out of question and I donít know why the transfer map feature on my Maya 2009 just doesnít work. If it work at least I can make some parts into low poly ones.

Even with my UBER SUCKS UV mapping skill I still try my best to create something within my ability and I donít lost hope because I really like hard surface modeling especially for mecha musume.

This time I leave the character theme as it is Ė no pink involved this time LOL.

I hope you guys enjoy my work and crappy writings.
Battledroidunit047 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014
nice revamp
tsunderenekonyan Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014
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